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Ana has been working with Photographers for the past few years educating them using Skype. Over the past few years, Ana has helped design studios, consulted on marketing and pricing, to posing newborns all live on Skype. She has worked with Photographers from around the world, juggling time zones and showing examples and videos to students while they manage their models. Now we are introducing a new group content for virtual training, called Baby Zoom (or Belly Zoom). The concept is to spend 1-2 hours (Average 90 minutes) on specific poses and topics with a small group of photographers.
How it Works
  • Find a Time on our Calendar – note the date/topic that is listed. Since we have a limited amount of time, we need to focus on certain topics.
  • Signup and pay for your spot.
  • You should have the items listed on the page for requirements, such as a live model or posing doll.
  • On Zoom day make sure to setup your computer/iPad/phone in an area in your studio that Ana can see you work. She will show you the pose and demonstrate how to achieve this pose and guide you on the light and settings. She will then help each student achieve the same pose, hopefully resulting in similar images.
  • We do suggest having someone with you that can help spot the baby (if needed) and/or help with the technology to make sure you are connected.


What time zone are the classes in?

California PST/PDT Time zone – so just adjust your clock so you know when to login

What currency is the cost of the class in?

US dollars

What if my live model doesn’t cooperate?

We will record all zoom trainings. Just try your best, and keep in mind Ana may have issues with her model too! In our small group we will work thru it together and you will be given soothing tips.

Do I actually shoot during the live or just pose?

We think its ideal if you can actually shoot, but if you can only just mimic the posing, that is fine too as you will be able to watch the recording later.

Can I signup for more than one Zoom? 

Of course, many want to attend as many as they can. We will add more times/dates as the opportunity arrises.


No stress – we are here to work together and hopefully educate you and help you in your journey!