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Wrapping a baby well is very important for successful sessions.


Sibling Posing

Master your child wrangling while keeping baby safe.


Beanbag Posing

You can learn to master your beanbag during our Zoom sessions!


Parent Posing

Learn how to effectively and quickly pose newborns with their Parents.


Prop Posing

Safety and proper posing are essential to learn when working with props.


Pregnancy Posing

Learn how to transitional pose in your pregnancy sessions and master lighting.


Clients About Us

It has been so valuable to have Ana’s experience as my very own secret weapon. If I am questioning a business process or workflow or posing issue she is as close as an email or Skype session and her experience is gives me the confirmation to move my business forward faster.


Mentoring with Ana has been far more than mentoring. I feel like she has opened up a new way of thinking for me about my business.
My bookings have sky rocketed and that is based on both marketing tips and Ana helping me clearly define my work.
I feel like she has become a friend and I have enjoyed getting to really see her true personality. I think she finds her truth in mentoring and pushing artist to their true potential.
I am beyond grateful for the time I have spent mentoring online with her.