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Beanbag Posing

Whether you use a square beanbag, or round one learning how to effectively pose on a beanbag is important for a smooth workflow. We will go over my beanbag and yours, to first make sure its properly filled. We will discuss essential posing aids that are needed for smooth workflow posing. We will pick certain poses to work with during the zoom, with backup poses in case the newborn is not able to do those poses.

Zoom Time: Approximately 90 minutes

Materials for Zoom:

Newborn live baby, Stand in Baby or Posing Doll

  • Beanbag – we suggest a sturdy beanbag
  • Posers or towels (we use posers from any posing bean will work of various sizes
  • Studio or natural light
  • You can choose naked baby or doll or outfit
  • Some wraps that match the beanbag