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Prop Posing

Do you need to master your props? Our Zoom sessions will teach working with buckets, bowls, beds and other props. We will pick certain prop poses to do with particular Zoom dates. If you are the first to signup for a Zoom baby class, you can help pick what prop poses you want to work on! Before the Zoom, we will discuss with the students our props and sizes of them as well as posing aids, so that students have the proper tools to work with. We do suggest that students have a spotter when working with props.

Zoom Time: Approximately 90 minutes

Materials for Zoom:

  • Bucket – (we suggest 10 gallon bucket)
  • Weight for bucket (we use 5 disc weight)
  • Posers (we use Modest Little Me bucket poser) or towels/other posers for bucket
  • Spotter
  • Baby in outfit
  • Other props we can use, bowls, beds, etc.